The inspiration for this work comes from these sources: the Mississippi River, early New Orleans history and the antiquity of the French Quarter. Since my early days as an art student in Memphis, the Mississippi River has been an integral part of my visual vocabulary. The lyrical lines of stringy, organic, vegetation found in the wetlands are in everything I do.

Bras Coupe, a runaway slave that terrorized New Orleans’ early settlers, has set a mood and found expression in a number of my pieces. Emerging from the swamp to kill their livestock and cast spells on their children, he became a mythical force in their history and mine.

I have been captivated by the archeological digs behind the St. Louis Cathedral, and the peeling paint on French Quarter storefronts and doors. Trying to recapture these surfaces requires the application, removal, and the reapplication of countless layers of paint. I scrape, write, and draw into these surfaces to expose what is underneath. My exaggerated signature is part of the composition.